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Is split into 16 sectors, each sector is 4, each 16 bytes to dam access unit Each sector has a separate group of passwords and access control Each card includes a unique serial number is 32 Anti-collision mechanism to support multi-card operation No power, comes with an antenna, embedded encryption control logic and communication logic circuit Data retention amount of a decade,...



Rfid card

Rfid card posesses a chip having an antenna, the chip can be found in the card and isn't contacted with all the reader unit .Nevertheless the data still can be exchanged by radio waves, which the greeting card chip is with energy on the way. If chip using the card is kinked, hence the antenna can discontinue from the chip along with the card might be destroyed. RFID card chips...


Smart card

Smart card is a versatile payment tool, which could provide great value to the cardholder. Smart card serve as a payment card that can provide the highest a higher level security. Besides, it can carry multiple application, such as it could work as debit card?credit card?point card. In numerous countries ,govermments and several private businesses also will adopt the usage of...


plastic cards

You cannot image how essential are plastic cards to improve your sales. It become an original strategy that is substitute for paper cards. Plastic business cards can be more expensive than paper cards nonetheless they have numerous advantages which magnetize businessman. One of the major advantages of plastic card is its durability. It doesn't get faded as fast as paper does. ...




UCODE HSL is the first member of a product family of smart label ICs running at the UHF and 2.45 GHz frequency.The UCODE system offers the possibility of operating multiple labels simultaneously in the field of the reader antenna (anticollision,collision arbitration).The UCODE family of ICs is especially designed for long-range applications.

The RFID tag requires no external...


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